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MEP Services

MEP Services

One of the most trusted company with a 10 year experience in MEP services.

At Empire group we are making extraordinary efforts to retain the best experienced and professional engineers. We strongly believe that this is what can make us great. We ensure to priorities ethical standards over profitability as our clients’ value and satisfaction are our priced possessions.

All our engineers create BIM validated models to retain better performances. Our maintenance standards are high

We strictly adhere to the requirements of relevant health and safety standards and regulatory frameworks with regards to our engineering services.

  • Are your premises risk-free from mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire systems?
  • Are you aware that these are lifelines in your property and hence need to be well-maintained?
  • Are your current MEP services confirming to great standards?

If you are looking for best MEP services in Dubai, then you are on the right page. Our MEP service is comprehensive and it can yield you a safe and flexible solutions.

Stepping Ahead:

At Empire, we pride to offer mechanical, electrical, plumber and fire system engineering services.  We are glad that we have an equal and a high mix of both public and private sector customers.

Our engineers and technicians are in continuous pursuit of solutions that are integrated and innovative. We understand that a path-breaking effort made at one point in this line can allow integration of services with other disciplines within building thus saving a lots of cost in a long run. It is this multi-disciplinary approach that makes us unique. Our exclusive MEP services include:

  • Painting
  • Plumbing
  • Carpenters
  • AC Maintenance

Our Engineering:

Our engineers understand and value the prominence of integrations within such systems. As this method help in ensuring feasible, innovative and affordable outcomes, we encourage collaborations

Empire group has rendered engineering services to almost all types of industries. Our experience in infrastructure and development projects is high. It is the past experience that help us deploy sector-specific technical and commercial understanding to deliver better solutions. We are researching in depth to exploit evolving technologies to the core.

Our panel has a team of experts who are experienced in executive innovative designs. Be mechanical or electrical, our services cover the entire chain from the energy use till designing.

Our plumbing services adhere to the Dubai municipality standards. Be it backflow water or water systems from high rise buildings, be it medical grade gas or waste, be it treatment of pharmaceutical grade systems or treatment of special waste, all our plumbing designs are reliable, sound and safe; and more importantly adhering to the relevant frameworks

Our areas of services in all engineering fields are vast and comprehensive. The details can be found on our website.

Why US:

  • Recognized by Dubai Municipality Standards
  • Over 10 years of experience
  • Professional Cleaners and Punctual service
  • Available round the clock
  • Fair Deals

We are based in Dubai, and we are actively engaged in providing MEP services for all Individual residents and Office/commercials in Dubai.

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© Copyrights 2021 to 2022 | ® All Rights Reserved to Empire Group