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Rope Access & Facade Cleaning Services

Rope Access

One of the most trusted company with a 10 year experience in rope access and facade cleaning services

At Empire Group, we value our client personality. We firmly believe that one’s place be residence or commercial reflects the personality. We also appreciate the governmental efforts to maintain a clean and impressive community.

Our impeccable safety record has been high in all our years in the business. Taking an unobtrusive approach, our team will ensure to cleaning with an unmatched precision. Our experienced staff are also known for attention to detail. Be it window cleaning, steelwork cleaning, doff or gutter cleaning, our rope access will have a meticulous solution for all.

  • Do you know that your buildings’ are reflection of your personality?
  • Is your concern about getting those areas cleaned which are hard to reach?
  • Is your place well maintained and compliant with Dubai Municipality standards?

If you are looking for the best rope access and facade cleaning in Dubai, then you are on the right page. Our rope access and facade cleaning is comprehensive.

Our Procedures

Our unique cleaning procedures take care of both cleaning and safety. Since it include access to high-rise elevated areas, our rope access cleaning service is set and performed in a way which falls within the fall protection standards.

Abseil cleaning is indeed risky but inevitable. In order to maintain the external appearance up to mark with cleaning and impressing standards, our service takes into account the consideration of the clients, general public opinion and the technicians.

Our rope access cleaning surpasses the traditional scaffolding techniques which are often time consuming. Our cleaning experts plan the way in a way where minimal working space area is occupied. It is carried on smoothly in a way that client daily activities are not distracted.

Our Cleaning:

Here at Empire Group we take rope access cleaning very seriously due to the nature of risk involved. Our cleaning techniques use minimal use of scaffolding setting, unsafe equipment like ladder and extension poles.

Despite the need to wipe out areas that are difficult to reach, our experienced cleaners develop methods and solutions in a tactful way such that the cleaning will not be left partially done. We pride to enhance the exterior appearance and value of our clients’ properties beyond expectations. Be it an untouched dirt, carbon or settled grime, our services will clean up the last particle of each.


Our team is dedicated to provide a hassle-free yet complete high-rise cleaning services. Since we are keen in using minimal work space area, minimal risk-equipment and minimal disturbances, our trained experts will make a necessary field survey of your premises before undertaking the cleaning. They will chart out the cleaning plan based on the position of the property and client requirement to make sure that a final satisfactory output is produced.

A snapshot of our rope access and facade cleaning service:

  • A field survey to understand the areas to be cleaned, their accessibility and positioning
  • A survey of the location and neighborhood property values.
  • Charting out plan and implementation.

Why Us

  • Recognized by Dubai Municipality Standards
  • Over 10 years of experience
  • Professional Cleaners and Punctual service
  • Available round the clock
  • Fair Deals

We are based in Dubai, and we are actively engaged in providing offering rope access and facade cleaning services for all Individual residents and Office/commercials in Dubai.

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© Copyrights 2021 to 2022 | ® All Rights Reserved to Empire Group