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Water Tank Cleaning Services

Water Tank Cleaning Services

One of the most trusted company with a 10 year experience in water tank cleaning services.

A bucket, sponge or a shovel are bygone equipment, when it came to cleaning your water tank. You might be unaware but water storages are prone to harmful matters like dust particles, dead insects, birds, droppings from rodents, tree leaves, rotten gums and poor roofing. This are just a few things. This makes it important for water tank to be cleaned frequently so that the water storage systems are left with nothing but purest H2O.

We strictly adhere to the requirements of Dubai Municipality with regards to water tank cleaning services. As per the municipality we recommend a clean twice a year to ensure bio-degradable water free from harm. Our disinfectant is efficient and Dubai Ministry approved.

  • Is your concern about smelly, discoloured and bad tasting water?
  • Do you believe your water storage system requires a check?
  • Is your water storage system compliant with Dubai Municipality standards?

If you are looking for the best water tank cleaning services in Dubai, then you are on the right page. Our full water tank cleaning service is comprehensive.

Our Procedures:

Our unique cleaning invention is employed in our cleaning process to ensure complete removal of sediments from your water tank floor. Besides, our cleaning processes are vigorous enough to tackle the heavy sludge and deposits deposited on the water tank floor.

Our cleaners are experienced enough to handle this procedure with minimal water waste and a very little disturbance on the water body.

Our Assistance:

Although care is taken to render a complete water tank cleaning, yet, at times water is contaminated to the extent that it might be prone to create a possible health risk. This is why an assessment and evaluation is further offered. Prior to this any health risk concerns, if available, shall be informed to the client along with possible alternatives. Dumping the existing water can become a viable option in such situations.


The result post our cleaning services would be a 100% clean water. Such water would be free from all forms of bacteria, virus, fungi and virus. Such water will be free from any unpleasant taste or odour.

A snapshot of our water tank cleaning and disinfection service:

  • Draining tanks, cleaning and disinfecting water
  • Ensure the deposits removal such as sludge, sediments and deposits
  • Tank scrub and disinfect with pressurized wash
  • Complete drying out of tank and refilled water.

Why US:

  • Recognized by Dubai Municipality Standards
  • Over 10 years of experience
  • Professional Cleaners and Punctual service
  • Available round the clock
  • Fair Deals

We are based in Dubai, and we are actively engaged in providing water tank cleaning services for all Individual residents and Office/commercials in Dubai.

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